Access vs Ownership

PPL attended MIDiA Research's Access vs Ownership event on July 4 2018.

PPL's Chief Licensing Officer, Jez Bell attended MIDiA Research's Access vs Ownership at The Ministry on July 4.

The purpose of the event was examining best practices for premium content monetisation across media industries, exploring lessons learned and transferrable strategies.

The opening presentation by MIDiA MD Mark Mulligan provided data on subscription rates across music, video, news and games, and presented an overview of the 'willingness to pay' concept for non-converted users. 

The presentations were followed by a panel featuring George Lawson, Head of Commercial Operations at Sky, Simon Wheeler, Director of Digital at Beggars Group, Ranj Begley, Chief Content Officer and Managing Director UK at Readly, Sophie Goossens, Media & Entertainment Counsel at Reed Smith, and Marina Haydn, MD for Circulation at The Economist. 

The panel discussed concepts of converting the next wave of subscribers, how subscription based premium content may evolve to be bigger than traditional sales, and posed the question as to whether distribution companies will become the new content owners. 

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