Artist:Entrepreneur Day

PPL supported FAC's Artist:Entrepreneur Day on June 11.

The Artist:Entrepreneur Day from FAC and CMU:DIY is a practical guide to building a long-term career and sustainable business around your music.

With knowledge shared artist-to-artist, we heard and learnt from fellow artist entrepreneurs who let attendees inside their careers and their businesses throughout the day, explaining: how they make and monetise their music, how they built and evolved a brand, how they found and engaged a fanbase, and how they decided which suppliers and business partners to work with along the way.

The day was hosted by three artist entrepreneurs, Roxanne De Bastion, Eckoes, and Femme, who each opened up their own artist businesses and discuss what is going on inside. They also questioned a team of music industry experts on how to build a fanbase, get on the road and manage your music rights, and about the role each of an artist’s business partners plays.

PPL Member Services account manager, Roisin Brophy spoke at the event to explain what joining PPL involves and how to make sure you get paid. Roisin also gave an overview of how much money an artist can make from PPL, explaining the percentage splits between recording rightsholders, featured, and non-featured performers.  

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