Generator presents: Music Futures Conference

Leo O'Brien from our Performer Services team will be speaking at the A&R in the Digital Age in association with PPL Panel.

Traditionally the role of A&R was to discover unsigned talent and nurture the artist once signed to the label, however with technological advances you no longer have to leave the house to discover new music. The internet has enabled greater connection between artists and fans and lowered the barriers for musicians to enter the marketplace on their own terms.

These developments have therefore transformed the concept of A&R. Some argue that it is even more vital than before with the struggle to balance art and commerce whilst others see it as a redundant notion. Our panel will discuss the role of A&R and the record label in today’s music industry and how things may further change in the future.

•    What changes have taken place in finding artists?
•    How has the traditional A&R role evolved?
•    Are more artists taking the DIY route?
•    How is the relationship between label and artist changing?
•    Does technology affect the repertoire development of artists?
•    What new deals and opportunities are available to labels and artists?

Along with Leo O'Brien, other speakers on the panel include:

•    Ed Horrox (A&R and Creative Director,4AD)
•    Pip Newby (A&R Manager, PIAS)
•    Ophelia Conheady (A&R Scout, Columbia)
•    Eamonn Forde (Freelance Journalist)

Music Futures has quickly become the autumn music industry conference for:

  • Innovative musicians & producers
  • Leading labels
  • Digital music analysts
  • Streaming services
  • Forward thinking publishers
  • Industry trade organisations


Now in its 4th year, Music Futures Conference has developed a reputation as one of the most forward thinking and trend forecasting industry events in the UK, boasting both national and international reach. The full schedule is to be announced.

To register for tickets to attend, please go to the website here.

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