PPL supports ‘I’m with the band?’

The Musicians' Union and Welsh Music Foundation, in association with PPL and CULT Cymru are hosting an afternoon dedicated to shining a spotlight on questions around partnerships, copyright and PPL royalties on 21 May at 1pm.

The event will take place at Chapter, a multi-artform cultural space in the heart of Cardiff, and will be free to attend.

1.00 - 3.00PM: PPL in Session (20 minute slot bookings)
This 'PPL in Session' afternoon offers a great opportunity for members to meet dedicated PPL staff in Cardiff, and to learn more about their services.  Book a slot to have your questions answered and get practical advice - ideal for getting your details checked and ensuring you’re your registered catalogues are up-to-date. This session is also open to performers / record companies interested in becoming PPL members who would like to find out more.

3.00 – 4.00PM: Partnerships for musicians, songwriters, producers, engineers, studio operators - what you need to know and how you can obtain free partnership agreements under PAS, with lawyer Steven Fisher

Who owns your songs? Your recordings? Your band name, merchandise and equipment? What happens if you want to leave your band, what may you be liable for? Who can sign what and who can sack who?

You may not know that if two or more people are working together in a song writing or production team, or in a band, string quartet or maybe an acoustic duo, without an agreement in place each member is liable for all group debts under the Partnership Act of 1890. All assets, including equipment, artwork, merchandise, recordings and songs may be included; fall outs from band bust ups are legendary, are often sudden and unexpected, and can have a severe effect upon your career, both financially and personally.  

Steven Fisher has a long association with the MU and started at RCA Records in the early 1970's where he contracted David Bowie and The Kinks. He later headed his own niche music firm which represented numerous household names including the Sex Pistols and The Human League.  Steven advises the film production company that produced the video for the winning pitch for London 2012, musicals producers, screenwriters, authors, publishers, TV, format & game show producers, recording artists, labels, record producers, digital distributors, music publishers, especially in the fields of classical and film music.

Followed by Q & A w/ Steven Fisher / MU / WMF / PPL

5.00PM – Drinks reception

To book tickets for PPL in Session, email hello@welshmusicfoundation.com to secure your 20 minute meeting slot. Spaces are limited.

For the Steve Fisher event and drinks reception, book here: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/im-with-the-band-tickets-11005414491

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