Increase of performer members to 50,000.

PPL held its fifth Annual Performer Meeting today at the company offices in Central London. As part of the formal business proceedings of the meeting, Mark Kelly was successfully re-elected as a member of the PPL Performer Board and main PPL Board.

Following his re-election Mark said:"I am delighted to be re-elected to the PPL Performer Board after a productive and enjoyable two years in office. I see PPL as a very well managed organisation that has made significant progress in recent years. I look forward to the prospect of serving the performer community for another two years and will endeavour to do my upmost to serve and represent all performers to the best of my ability."

"Mark's successful re-election is a testament to his hard work and dedication over the past two years," said Fran Nevrkla, Chairman and CEO, PPL. "Mark offers a valuable insight into the performer community and we welcome his further input into ensuring that we continue to maximise the value of the rights entrusted to us by our performer members."

At the meeting, addresses were given by Chairman of the Performer Board, Gerald Newson, Fran Nevrkla and Director of Performer Affairs, Keith Harris.

Managing Director Peter Leathem also revealed that the amount of performers now registered with PPL has increased to 50,000 performers, a rise of 2,500 performers since PPL's AGM in June this year. The number of record company members has now increased to 6,500.

This was Fran Nevrkla's last APM in his joint role as Chairman & CEO as he has decided to step aside from the position of CEO of PPL after 11 years. Peter Leathem will become CEO from January 2012 and Nevrkla will remain as Chairman.