The recent ransomware attack that made national headlines had a wide-ranging impact around the globe. Fortunately, PPL was unaffected on this occasion, but the ongoing risks of a cyber-attack remain significant for all of us and require continued focus and vigilance.

Recent events should act as a timely reminder to all our members that the password for your myPPL account should be different from those used for any of your other online accounts. If your login details were ever compromised on another site, there is a risk that all of your details held in myPPL could be vulnerable. 

We strongly recommend that you use a long and complex password that you change regularly. We have password rules for myPPL that require a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numerical digits and special characters to be included, but these should be considered as a minimum standard. If you find long and complex passwords a bit daunting, one solution can be to use a phrase rather than just digits and letters as they are often easier to remember. 

As part of a broad range of measures we have been implementing at PPL, we recently launched an education awareness campaign with our employees that we are calling ‘Phishing week’. Through this, we have been explaining more about the risk posed by the growing volumes of suspicious emails with attachments or links, which should always be treated with caution. We also recently introduced more stringent password requirements for our staff. This helps to ensure that any information held or exchanged by PPL is safeguarded appropriately.

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