Mercury-nominated artist Eska teams up with PPL in support of Intellectual Property (IP) on World IP Day

Internationally revered singer, Eska, calls for the British public to increase its knowledge on Intellectual Property (IP), as the world celebrates World IP Day on Tuesday 26 April.

This is after a survey carried out by music licensing company, PPL, reveals 89% of the British public agreed that British-made music has a positive impact on the UK economy, yet 47% also admitted to not understanding what IP actually is and the role that it plays in the music industry.

Furthermore, a quarter (23%) of the British public did not know that that recorded music needs to be paid for (in the form of a licence) when played for staff and customers in public spaces, including shops, restaurants and workplaces.

Only 7% of Brits surveyed by PPL correctly identified that playing music in a public space without a licence could result in an injunction and ultimately, if that injunction is breached, could lead to a prison sentence or a criminal record.

Eska, Mercury Prize nominee and UK singer-songwriter, comments: Without the legal acknowledgement of my IP, I would not be paid fairly for my musical creations and would not be able to continue to make music for people to enjoy. Many people can be short-sighted and only see the megastars and high-profile legal battles, but IP rights exist to protect us all.

IP should be celebrated. The UK is home to many wonderful intangible inventions whether its technology, art, or music. We are a bunch of highly intellectual and creative people and without IP laws in place, no one would know it.”

In 2015, PPL collected £197 million in royalties from businesses on behalf of performers and record companies when their recorded music was played in public, both in the UK and internationally. This was a 5% uplift on 2014.

This fair payment goes directly to the creators of music, which means it can be reinvested into the UK music industry and the UK economy, helping it to flourish.

Peter Leathem, CEO, PPL: "PPL exists to ensure that those who create recorded music are fairly remunerated for their works and that business can enjoy music whilst ensuring they are legally compliant. If PPL did not exist, a business would be required to contact each record company to individually obtain permission before being able to lawfully play a track at its premises in the UK. We are delighted to be working with Eska to communicate the importance of IP to those in the music industry."


Research undertaken by Atomik Research, using on online sample of 1007 UK National Representative respondents, during 15-18 April 2016, in accordance with MRS guidelines and regulations. Atomik Research is an independent creative market research agency that employs MRS certified researchers and abides to MRS code.

About Eska

Eska Mtungwazi is a British singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. In October 2015 she was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize for her self-titled debut album which includes the single ‘Shades of Blue’. Eska is currently touring her album across the UK and has already been nominated for several prestigious music awards this year, including Vocalist of the Year at the Jazz FM Awards, taking place 26 April 2016.

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