This time last year we let you know that we were working with PRS for Music to assess the use of DJ Monitor’s Music Recognition Technology (MRT) and to understand how it can identify music publicly performed by DJs within our licensed clubs, bars and pubs.

Ministry of Sound and Fabric have supported this work since its inception. We are very grateful for the support of all our venues, including venues run by the Deltic Group, who have been very helpful in supporting the progress of the project. This support means we now have a total of 30 devices in venues across the UK.

As part of this initiative we have also been asking recording rightsholder members to submit their audio recordings and metadata to DJ Monitor in order to assist them with the recognition of your music.  

DJ Monitor are an Amsterdam based specialist in Music Identification and have 46 million tracks in their database which they use to match against the audio fingerprints of music played in licensed venues.  They have been working closely with performing rights collection societies across the world since 2005.  They work with APRA AMCOS in Australia, SABAM in Belgium and SENA in Holland, and have recently announced a working relationship with SACEM in France.

As part of our continuous efforts to build on the data made available to us as a result of music played by DJs, we are also working with Pioneer Kuvo to explore if the data they hold could also be helpful.  

Keep an eye out for further updates on our website and @ppluk.