PPL’s Christine Geissmar recognised as one of the 30 most influential women in the music industry

PPL’s Operations Director, Christine Geissmar, has been recognised as one of the top 30 most influential women executives in the UK music industry at the Women in Music Awards.

The inaugural event was hosted by Music Week in conjunction with UK Music, AIM and Nordoff Robbins, to celebrate the rise of successful women in the music business and to explore their thoughts on gender diversification in the today’s industry.

An advisory panel comprising of the UK Music board, Music Week team, and senior staff at some of the industry’s leading organisations, compiled the roll of honour which encompassed women from every sector of the music industry nationwide.

As Operations Director, Christine is responsible for serving the needs of the company’s licensees and members. She is instrumental in driving efficiency and companywide developments across the organisation.  Christine has played a leading role in the double digit increase in revenue growth for a number of years flowing to record companies and performers, from PPL’s licensing of recorded music being played in public in businesses throughout the UK.

Christine stared her career outside of the music world and came to PPL following senior roles as an operations leader at Harrods, GE Capital and The Warranty Group (formerly Aon Warranty Group). When she first joined the company, originally as Head of Public Performance Operations in 2008, Christine already had a proven success record in business integration, process re-engineering, cultural change, coaching and mentoring. Using her extensive leadership experience and expertise in operations, sales and customer service, Christine became Operations Director in 2012.

Christine, who has a predominantly female team, notes there is certainly parity of opportunity for women at PPL where 49% of the staff are female. On addressing the issue of women in the workplace, she says: “There are more women coming along at senior level all the time and we should all focus on helping them to develop their self-belief and skills and give them the chances and opportunities to succeed.”

She continued: “We should all take inspiration from strong, independent women who know they are an equal partner in a relationship (business or otherwise). As Madonna said ‘A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want.’”

On being recognised in the top 30 list, she went on to say: I am honoured to have been nominated and simply want to pass on this recognition to the fantastic staff at PPL for the support they provide to myself and their hard work on behalf of PPL’s members.

Peter Leathem, CEO, PPL added: “Being recognised for the Women in Music Award is a huge accomplishment that has made fellow team members and staff at PPL incredibly proud. As a role model for women at every level within the organisation, Christine has set the bar high proving that there is no limit to what women can achieve in business.”

Alison Wenham, Chief Executive of AIM, who sits on the advisory board for Women in Music, comments in special edition of Music Week dedicated to the event: “We were very conscious that a lot of people and indeed some of the women being honoured might have qualms about an event called Women in Music. Quite right too. It’s a discussion well worth having.”

“Women in the music industry don’t need an event like this to validate them. Their success, the influence they hold and the careers they’ve built are their rewards. But what we do want to do is highlight their achievements. Above all, we want to show young women who aspire to a career in this industry that they can achieve extraordinary things – we want to demonstrate that anything’s possible.”

“This year’s advisory panel was overwhelmed by the response and quality of candidates they received for the first ever Women in Music Award. The final list makes it abundantly clear that there are extraordinary women working across the music industry who are deserving of such special recognition.”

For further information about the Women in Music awards, visit: www.mw-womeninmusic.com/home