PPL records its largest ever first quarter international payment to members

PPL has announced its largest ever first quarter international payment to its members. The figure (paid on 31st March) is up 15 per cent on its equivalent payment in the previous year (£13.6 million), to £15.7 million ($19.7 million USD).

The number of performer and record company members receiving international revenue allocations from PPL in the first quarter of the year was also up by 10 per cent to over 33,000, in comparison to 30,000 members in the same period in 2016.

This follows PPL’s highest ever final quarter payment in December 2016, with £13.4 million being allocated to its members.  This confirmed 2016 as a record-breaking year for PPL with the organisation paying out an impressive £51 million ($64.2 million USD) to more members than ever before.  The figure is a 37 per cent increase on 2015’s annual international distribution of £37.1 million.

Revenue in the latest distribution came from over 40 international CMOs (collective management organisations) and included significant payments from Germany, Japan, Malaysia and Brazil.  PPL distributes the international revenue it collects on a quarterly basis.

Peter Leathem, Chief Executive said, “I am delighted that PPL has delivered a largest ever first quarter international payment to its members.  International is a key area of growth for us as an organisation and it is exciting to see things go from strength-to-strength.  We have unrivalled relationships with over 83 international CMOs and welcome recent collection agreements with organisations such as JAMMS in Jamaica and Romania’s CREDIDAM.”

Laurence Oxenbury, Director of International, PPL said: “We are extremely proud to be able to deliver continued growth for our members internationally.  Our business is built on brilliant music that is consumed across the globe.  We have a team dedicated to making sure our members are rewarded fairly for their music so that they can continue to work.”