PPL signs new international agreement in Romania

PPL has signed a new reciprocal international agreement with Romanian collective management organisation (CMO), CREDIDAM, further extending the reach of our international neighbouring rights collections.

CREDIDAM collects revenue in Romania on behalf of performers for the broadcast and public performance, cable retransmission and internet transmission, as well as compensatory remuneration for private copying of their performances.

PPL’s agreement with CREDIDAM means that PPL’s performer members who have an international collection agreement in place covering Romania will receive monies when recordings of their performances are used in these ways in Romania. Members of CREDIDAM will be paid by PPL when their music is played in public or broadcast in the UK. We have already exchanged played recording data with CREDIDAM and expect to see the first payment in 2017.


Laurence Oxenbury, PPL’s Director of International, said: “At PPL, we always focus on ensuring that our members are paid for all applicable rights in any given territory, within any open distribution period. There was initially some ambiguity over the application of certain rights in Romania, but this has been resolved and we are pleased to be able to move forward in a market that has, in recent times, been cultivating an export market whilst at the same time remaining a prodigious consumer of PPL members’ repertoire.”

PPL is pleased to add to its ever-growing number of international relationships with this agreement and is a global leader in international collections. With 82 international collection agreements in place with CMOs across 42 countries, PPL has extensive reach and scale in navigating the global neighbouring rights market. We collect over a third of all performer neighbouring rights payments moving between CMOs throughout the world.