“Rock Star Chef” Sarah Muir provides top tips for success and how to use recorded music in your business

“Rock Star Chef” and cookery school entrepreneur, Sarah Muir, has prepared meals for the likes of Elton John, Whitney Houston, Oasis, Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi, George Michael and Robbie Williams. Now, in a series of short seminars to be given in conjunction with music licensing company PPL, Muir will provide her top tips for business success and advise all those working in the hospitality and restaurant industry on the positive impact that playing recorded music in businesses can have.

Muir’s exclusive 20 minute seminars will take place at the PPL stand (K18) at this year’s Restaurant Show, Earls Court 2, London; the UK’s leading hospitality and foodservices trade show. Taking place across three days, 6-8 October, at 11am, 3pm, and 4:30pm, seminar attendees will get the opportunity to meet the “Rock Star Chef” in person and take part in a live Q&A.

As part of her talk, Muir will use her expertise to provide some interesting top tips to all those working in the hospitality industry.  These include:

On setting up your business:

  • Ideas come in all sizes, when you have your “light bulb moment” for a start-up business, stand back and see how it fits with your lifestyle and pocket it.
  • Speak to friends and people who have small businesses. Don’t be afraid to be inquisitive; ask how they run day-to-day, what the pit falls are, share your ideas, and ask for accounting, VAT finances and bookkeeping tips.
  • Get financial advice with a business plan and make sure it is realistic taking into consideration recessions, seasons etc.
  • Budgets are there for a reason; they are not a target. Make sure you have 25 % of the budget for your start-up available and put it in an accessible bank account.
  • Understand all the legalities of starting and running a business; licences, local government permits, council certificates etc.

On understanding the marketplace:

  • Check out the competition. Have a good knowledge of all the similar businesses in a 20 mile radius.  Experience the ambience and explore how you can make yours different.
  • Keep up with current trends and use this knowledge to your advantage.
  • PR and Marketing is expensive; be knowledgeable and use these tools to your best advantage. Websites should tell future clients exactly what you are and do - they should be fantastic and make people want to hit every page. Have a good SEO and web builder that can catapult your website up the search pages, post testimonials, and use social media as it’s a great pathway to your past and future clients.

On how music can boost your business:

  • If you work on your own, music can provide a great accompaniment, pump you up, energise you and calm you down when you feel stressed.
  • Varying tempos throughout the day can be an effective way to keep the energy going and increase staff workflow.
  • Recognising the needs of your staff and even allowing them to create their own playlists during pre-opening and closing hours can be a great way to boost engagement and to help create a happy workplace.
  • People and customers pay for the services and goods you provide; a PPL licence should be on your list of annual outgoings as your contribution allows music to fill your business and a good ambience attracts people.

Creating a unique experience for your customers:

  • Build your business and help it flourish. Music can play a huge part in helping a business stand out from the rest; from the curation of a new space, to reinventing an established one. Have confidence in the ambience you want to create from the outset.
  • Creating new experiences for customers is a real art form and can be especially challenging in saturated and competitive markets. Varying your music choice can be a great way to give customers a different immersive experience each time they visit.
  • These days people expect to hear great music wherever they go; what your customers hear is just as important as what they see.
  • If you are unsure about what kind of music to play in your business there are plenty of agencies that can advise on the best soundtrack for your space and provide customised playlists of music by original artists.
  • If you want to create your own playlist, but worried about keeping up with the latest tracks, opt for retro music from a previous decade; that way you’ll always be on trend.
  • Remember that music doesn’t only have to be heard on the shop floor. Extend your customers immersive experience by inviting them to listen to good music in the elevator, toilets, and even when they’re on call waiting.

The Restaurant Show takes place 6-8 October, Earls Court 2, London, and is free to attend. To print off your free visitors pass visit www.therestaurantshow.co.uk

Sarah Muir’s seminars will be take place at the PPL stand (K18), at 11am, 3pm, and 4:30pm, each day.


Notes to Editors

PPL activity at The Restaurant Show, Earls

PPL’s Business Relationship Executives will be on hand at the PPL stand (K18) to answer any questions businesses have about music licensing for their premises. There will be a free exclusive gift handed out at the end of each Sarah Muir’s seminars along with competition giveaways and fun activities throughout the day.

For further information on how to get to / attend the Restaurant Show, visit: http://www.therestaurantshow.co.uk/  / @RestaurantShow #TRS2014

About PPL

PPL is the music licensing company which works on behalf of over 90,000 record companies and performers to license recorded music played in public (at pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, shops, offices and many other business types) and broadcast (on TV, radio and online) across the UK. Our members include major record labels and independents as well as globally successful performers and session musicians, ranging from orchestral players to percussionists and singers. The majority are small businesses, all of whom are legally entitled to be fairly paid for the use of their recordings and performances.

PPL also operates an international royalty collection service. With 71 reciprocal agreements in place in 35 countries with other international collecting societies - or Collective Management Organisations (CMOS) as they are sometimes referred to – PPL helps members to get paid when their music is played internationally. ppluk.com / @PPLUK

After the deduction of PPL’s running costs, all licence fee income is distributed to members. PPL does not retain a profit for its services. In 2013 PPL collected revenues of £176.9m.

About Sarah Muir

Sarah was born and raised on a farm in North Yorkshire and after touring the world, she came home to be with her friends and surrounded by the people and the food she loves most. Cooking has given Sarah the most amazing life and a library full of stories.

Having gained all her formal catering qualifications and working locally, Sarah set up an outside catering business and spent the next 20 years on the road with bands and artists. She provided hospitality services to some pretty high flying entertainers including – Elton John; Madness; The Prodigy; Whitney Houston; George Michael; Bob Dylan; Bon Jovi; Travis; Manic Street Preachers; Chemical Brothers; Oasis; Van Morrison; Lionel Richie and Robbie Williams to name a few. Sarah has also been also the personal chef to Radiohead for six world tours and the Spice Girls and Melanie C world tours. For further information about Sarah and the Arches Cookery School visit www.archescookeryschool.co.uk or @ArchesCookery on Twitter