Two Performer Directors Elected at Seventh PPL Annual Performer Meeting

Crispin Hunt and Mark Kelly become Elected Performer Directors on Performer Board and PPL Board

London 27 November 2013. The seventh PPL Annual Performer Meeting (APM) took place today at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). As part of the formal business of the meeting, performer, songwriter and producer Crispin Hunt and Mark Kelly, performer and songwriter, were elected as directors at the PPL Annual Performer Meeting to sit on both the PPL Performer Board and main PPL Board.

The election of Performer Directors takes place every year at the APM. This year, there were four candidates standing for two Elected Performer Director positions: one arising from the retirement by rotation of one of the existing directors and one being a new position.

Speaking of the elections, Crispin Hunt said: I am honoured to be a member of this Board. I am extremely grateful to everyone who voted for me. And I will do my damnedest to properly represent those that this position was created for – the makers of new music.”

Mark Kelly added It’s great to see that more performers stood and voted than ever in this election and I will continue to look after performers interests at the Board table at PPL.”

The additional position was created by changes to PPL’s board structure approved at the company’s AGM in June 2013, increasing the number of Elected Performer Directors to three (the other being the Performer Board Chairman, Gerald Newson). There are two other Performer Directors, nominated by Equity and the Musicians’ Union respectively. The new position therefore takes the total number of PPL Performer Directors to five, out of a main board of 16 directors, and adds to the Performer Director majority on the Performer Board.  

Gerald Newson, Chairman, PPL Performer Board said: Congratulations to Crispin and to Mark on being re-elected. We look forward to the benefit of their music industry experience and contribution to the new board structure. They are valuable additions to the task of serving performer interests and revenues."

Peter Leathem, CEO, PPL, added: “I would like to offer my congratulations to both Crispin and Mark. I look forward to working with them both and know that they will help us to continue serving the needs of our performer members with even greater effectiveness and clarity.”

The 2012-13 Annual Performer Report is available online now:

Read both Crispin and Mark’s election statements here: