Music in the surgery really does help to relax the patients and put them at ease. It also gives the staff a boost too.
Dr James Robson
Identity Individual Dental Care,

If you’re playing recorded music in the waiting rooms, treatment areas or back offices of a dental, medical or hospital practice you will usually need a licence from both PPL and PRS for Music. PPL represents record companies and performers, while PRS for Music represents songwriters, composers and music publishers.

Obtaining a PPL licence means you don’t have to contact each record company individually to obtain their permission to play recorded music from PPL’s vast repertoire.

The prices listed below are examples and should act as an indication of how much a licence could cost for doctor and dentist surgeries, care homes and hospitals, among others. All prices do not include VAT.

A decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) ruled that dentist's waiting rooms in Italy did not have to be licensed by the local music collecting society for playing recorded music. However, this ruling does not affect PPL or their licensees.