What you need to know about declaring sales data

Sales data refers to the physical and/or digital sales of your products and repertoire in specific countries. Collective management organisations (CMOs) in certain countries distribute some or all of their income on the basis of sales data.

Supplying sales data can help maximise the revenue you receive from these countries. In the New Year PPL will be launching the 2019 campaign to collect sales data for a number of CMOs; by sending this data back to PPL you may receive a payment where previously you would not have - or your payment may increase by a substantial amount.

It’s important!

France, Hungary, Japan, Poland, Portugal, and Slovakia all require sales data declarations to distribute all or part of their revenues. If you have mandated PPL to collect in any of these countries, you will need to provide your 2018 sales data in the appropriate forms and return these to PPL as part of the 2019 campaign.


The French recording rightsholder societies, SCPP and SPPF, distribute all royalties collected for Private Copy and a significant proportion of royalties collected for Equitable Remuneration on the basis of sales data. Total recording rightsholder collections in France exceeded €106 million in 2017, making them one of the largest recorded music markets in the world. To declare sales in France, you will need to ensure PPL has your repertoire in our database including full product details, such as production title, release date and release type. In addition, you should consider reviewing your higher value repertoire to ensure the full data requirements for France are met.

Further information is available on PPL’s website.


The entire recording rightsholder distribution in Japan is based on physical sales declared by members. With total recording rightsholder collections of €68 million in 2017, there is potential to generate revenue should you have had physical sales in Japan.  You will only be expected to declare the total amount and units of physical products sold in Japan.

Where can I get this information?

Your distributors and retailers may be able to provide you with the sales figures for the specific territory.

What next?

  • Further information about sales data can also be found on PPL’s website
  • You will receive an email from PPL in the coming months with more information about how to declare your sales. Please read this carefully and respond as instructed.